Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Ice Cream Treat

We don't have ice creams very often so when we do have them it is a real treat. Today Mum decided to take Sophie, Gemma-Rose and I up to the village to get an ice cream each. The real reason was a trip to the post office but the ice creams were the interesting part. "Do you want to go for a walk?" Mum asked soon after we finished learning for the day. "Where to?" I replied. "To the village to get an ice cream," Mum announced. Of course we wanted to go for a walk. Any walk that ended in ice cream must be good. It was socks and shoes on immediately and we were off. At the village we stood by the ice creams. They all looked so nice that it was difficult to choose. "We hardly ever have Kit Kat ice creams," Sophie said, hinting at Mum. "I really like them." "All right," Mum took the hint. "You can have one. What do you want Gemma-Rose?" After much looking and thinking, Gemma-Rose decided. "I want the same as Sophie," she said. That left me and Mum. I chose Milo, because I almost always choose Milo ice cream. Mum so rarely has ice cream that Sophie exclaimed, "Mum's having ice cream too!' "Shall we eat them on the way home or stop and eat them here?" Mum asked. "Let's eat them here," I decided as no one else answered. Near the village is a patch of grass with a stone bench. The bench looked pretty normal from the other side of the rode but up close it was tiny. The bench was just about the right height for Gemma-Rose but for anyone taller it was that tiniest bit too short. Sitting on the tiny bench was like sitting on the short chairs people put in the children's section in the library. Mum's knees were rather high and the table top was rather low but that only added to the fun of eating ice cream on a weekday in the afternoon. On the whole it was a very good walk.


  1. The best treats are the unexpected ones. It was such a beautiful autumn afternoon we had to turn it into a special occasion.