Thursday, March 31, 2011

Speed Angel Sisters

For a while we have been going to the park after piano lessons on the few dry Thursdays. Sophie and Gemma-Rose always ride their scooters around the lake. One week Mum asked me, "Do you want a scooter?" I hadn't thought about it before. Would I like to whizz around the lake like the wind? "I think so," I replied. "I'll see about getting you one," Mum said. A few days later I had a brand new pink and white scooter. And then the inevitable happened. The rain poured down and the wind blew. No chance of going to the park in that weather. So my wonderful new scooter sat lonely and unused in the garage, awaiting the day when I could finally use it without the danger of being drenched.

Today, though it was cloudy and a bit chilly, the rain held off and we got to go to the park at last to ride our scooters. Sophie and Gemma-Rose are experienced riders and fly along the path but before today I have only ever ridden a scooter at friends' houses where they have scooters and will let me try. Slightly nervously I trundled off slowly down the path. And suddenly I started to push harder. The scooter flew and I put my foot up and cruised along. The feeling was wonderful. I loved riding the fabulous pink and white scooter immediately. The fun carried on. After a lap of the lake I stopped and said to Imogen, "Have a go." She doesn't have a scooter. She resisted though. "Go on," Mum urged. "It'll be fun."

With both Mum and I insisting that she try Imogen gave in. She wheeled the scooter to the path and with a little help from Gemma-Rose and me started off. She went slowly at first as Imogen has done even less scooter riding than I have. But she was caught by the scooter fun as well. Imogen zipped around the lake while I rested and caught my breath. My second go came soon. I hopped on and felt the urge just to go faster and faster. I vied with Sophie (who as I have said before is an experienced rider) to be the fastest. Naturally she was but that didn't stop me from trying.

Sophie has a scooter the same size as mine so when she needed a rest she lent hers to Imogen and we zoomed around the lake together. Being both beginners we had about the same speed so for once I wasn't left behind. Sophie and Gemma-Rose are super quick on their scooters. It would have been rather embarrassing if it wasn't so much fun. Rather tired and very happy we packed up the picnic.

All of us were exhasusted but the trip to the park was a complete success. Never before have I had so much fun at the park as today. On the way home Mum had a brainwave. "You should call yourselves the Speed Angel Sisters," she announced. "It's a lot nicer than Speed Demons." And so we are now the Speed Angel Sisters. Imogen is going to get a scooter of her own so that we can all ride at the same time. With a little bit of luck it might not rain next Thursday and we can go again.


  1. You captured our visit to the lake perfectly!

  2. Fun!! I love playing on scooters!!

  3. And now that I have a scooter of my own we can really be the Sped Angel Sisters. I can't wait to visit the park again!