Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Charlotte's Web

Mum and I were talking. Technically I should have been in bed but that didn't matter. She suggested I have a blog of my own. Before this I have been blogging with my sister Imogen on 'Dancing with Dragonflies'. Dad wandered into the room as she said this.
"Why don't you call it 'Charlotte's Web?" he asked.

Soon Imogen joined our discussion. She agreed to help me set it up. I never was much of a blog partner. I only ever wrote about three posts but on this blog I'm going to do better.

After we finished homeschooling for the day Imogen and I began to set it up. Setting up the blog was easy. A few clicks and we had one brand new blog. But then there was the background.

"What background do you want?" she asked.

"Um," I said.

I'm really not good at deciding. I gave her my special 'I'm hopeless' look.

"Let's look on the internet," she suggested, taking pity on me.

We started looking through many free backgrounds. After zillions of pictures, millions of backgrounds, I said,

"I like this one."

Well that's where things began to go a bit wonky. The background wouldn't come up, the blog title didn't fit and we even had the wrong template. But Imogen, who's a genius when it comes to getting me out of whatever muddle I've made, fixed it all. Finally the background came up properly.

"I love it," I said.

Imogen handed things over to me so I could write this first post. Hopefully I don't make a mess of things as usual. If I do, then Imogen will fix me up.

I love word play and internal jokes so I loved the name. As my name is really Charlotte it suits my blog perfectly. Anyway I got Imogen to help me set it up. This blog is going to be a sort of online journal where I will write about whatever happens to me, post photos, stories and so on. Enjoy!


  1. Charlotte,

    I expect I won't be the only one to fall into your trap.

    The new blogs that come out of your family are like labile cells. If you ever decide to discontinue blogging my Google Reader page is going to look very lonely indeed, and so will its owner.

    Keep it up!

  2. I hope you're well and truly stuck in the web. I suggest you go to 'Dancing with Dragonflies' and comment there. Imogen is putting up a new post about some new blogs you will want to see.

  3. hi!
    I'm a homeschooler too! i think I'll read your blog...your's seems normaler than some of the others I've seen :)