Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dinosaurs in the Bedroom

I consider spending an afternoon knitting with Imogen to be one of my favourite things. We have had this ambition to knit some of Jean Greenhowe's dinosaurs for a long time. Every time we have tried, though, we have either lost a knitting needle, lost the book, forgotten about the project or lost the whole piece of knitting. But this time we have done a lot better.

I like flying dinosaurs a lot. They are so cool. So a flying dinosaur was my obvious choice. And what colour did I choose? Well the obvious colour of course. What better colour for a flying dinosaur than bright orange? He's complete now, wings and all.

Imogen was adventurous and tried a white and purple stripey dinosaur. It was a complete success, despite her assurances that she'd never finish a project. I sewed it up last night. The dinosaur doesn't have huge teeth or massive claws but I think it looks like a really good dinosaur. Maybe if Imogen had done the face it might not have ended up with such a wide smiley mouth. But she seems to like it.

We're not stopping with these two. We have plans for many more dinosaurs to join the little band of prehistoric creatures we're making. Part made dinosaurs are spread around our bedroom. We hope that this time we really will make it to the end of our project (wherever that might be. We don't know how many dinosaurs we will make).

Maybe one day when there are hundreds of finished dinosaurs, cave men and eggs we will begin to find them in odd places. Perhaps one day I will wake up and find my bed full of cave men hiding from the dinosaurs or we might find mini battles raging on the fan blades. Who know?


  1. I am trying to knit.
    I am not very good at it though.
    It's great that you finished your projects!!!
    P.s. I love your background.

  2. wow! What cute toys (future Christmas presents?)

  3. Thanks for the comment. I love knitting and with Imogen it's lots of fun. We want to make some more dinosaurs though. I hope you keep on trying. Knitting is very fun once you know how.


  4. These are so cool!
    Were they very hard to make?

  5. They weren't very hard. All you need to know is the bare essentials of knitting such as increasing and decreasing plus a little patience. Thanks for taking the time to stop and comment.