Monday, July 11, 2011

Knights of the Old Republic

Buried deep in my memory was a game. Not just any game but a Star Wars game. A game where you become the best Jedi around. Not many days ago the game resurfaced in my memory. It didn't just sink into back oblivion like normal. On the contrary, I remembered it and thought about it some more.

We used to play Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic on the weekends. Duncan would help me in all the harder things like walking in a straight line (my computer skills were pretty hopeless) and we'd charge around the galaxy defeating bad guys and learning to be the coolest Jedi in the galaxy. But then the game was uninstalled and confined to a Styrofoam box where it remained for years.

I know it lurked in the back of my mind. I still remembered it occasionally and thought of it as the best game I'd ever played but sooner or later the game would sink back into the huge pit of forgotten things in my mind. But then on this particular day when it didn't just get forgotten. On that day I made a decision. I wanted to play it.

It was easy really. I just stepped up to Mum and asked her. She agreed at once and we skibbled off to install it. With very few glitches (the game wouldn't run at first) we got in the game. Then Imogen and I started the game. With a few more minor glitches (we couldn't make our person walk forwards, backwards or any other direction) we were underway. Of course these were very minor problems and no match for Imogen and me. We did beg a little help from people with more computer experience actually.

Now we play Star Wars to our hearts content. We rush around the planet (we're stuck on one planet and are trying desperately to get off) defeating Sith Soldiers willy nilly. Not too much longer and we'll be the best Jedi. Might take a little working on actually.