Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trying Singing

Some time ago Imogen borrowed a book from the library filled with the words to eleven Gilbert and Sullivan plays. Not only did the book have the words to the eleven plays it had some of the music with a piano accompaniment. She, being a really good singer, was able to sing whatever she liked and sort of play the accompaniment. I on the other hand refused to even attempt to sing with her and flatly refused.

Recently we borrowed the book again and Imogen, after much persuading, was able to convince me to sing a little. She decided that we could sing a piece from the Mikado with the Mikado himself and Katisha. I sang the Mikado (never mind that he's supposed to be a bass) and Imogen (who is without a doubt a soprano) sang Katisha though she's a contralto. Much to my surprise I actually enjoyed the singing and wasn't too hard to persuade the next time Imogen suggested a little singing.

Since then we have done some singing most afternoons and I (horrors of horrors) might even be starting to like singing. Imogen generally sings the ladies' parts and I sing whatever mens' parts that might be going spare. When we sing duets I take the man's part and Imogen the lady's. Sometimes I even sing pieces on my own while Imogen plays the accompaniment. Though I still don't think that I'm ever going to sing as well as Imogen I'm happy to join her at the piano. Maybe (just maybe) I might be losing my fear of singing.

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