Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Returning to the Regency Period

"I've bought you a new Jane Austen book," Mum said. "It's called Jane Austen's Guide to Good Manners, and it should be here soon."

I love new books and a Jane Austen book is wonderful. I waited impatiently for the book to arrive but I didn't expect it too soon. After all it was coming from America. So I curbed my impatience and got even more Jane Austen books from the library.

Several weeks passed and no book turned up. Every time the parcel man came to the door I'd look up excitedly but every time it was something else. But finally, ages after it was ordered, the book arrived.

My book was white, stiff and very new, filled with life saving skills for the Regency period. Naturally whatever I was reading at the time was neglected horribly and I returned to the time of Jane Austen.

I do love all things Jane Austen!


  1. I'm interested to know what life saving skills for the Regency period are, Charlotte. Would they make us smile, these days?:)

  2. To survive in the Regency period you need to know a lot of etiquette. There seems to be rules about everything. Probably a modern person would find them hilarious but in those days everyone followed the rules. Thank you for commenting.