Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baskets of Books

Over lunch yesterday Imogen and I made a startling discovery. Sophie hadn't read even one of our favourite books. I couldn't imagine not having read A Little Bush Maid, The Borrowers or Heidi. This had to be remedied. We couldn't let any sister of ours go without reading the best books in the world.

"We'll gather some books for you to read," we promised Sophie.

So, after we washed the dishes Imogen led a raid on the books shelves. I stood next to the stool she was standing on and held the books as she pulled them down.

"Has she read The Little White Horse?"

"What about Kensuke's Kingdom?"

The pile grew and grew as we discovered more and more of our favourites that Sophie had never read.

"I want some books to read," Gemma-Rose said.

"We'll find some for you too."

We started a new pile for Gemma-Rose and popped in Fantastic Mr Fox, A Bear Called Paddington and The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. When we decided that we had found enough books for now (we were limited to one books per author) Imogen said,

"I should make you up a basket of books too."

I liked that idea. There are so many books on the shelves that I haven't read and I really didn't know where to start. Imogen did though and started a second raid on the bookshelves.

She handed me The Woman in White, Sherlock Holmes, James Heriot and Robin Hood among many other books. My basket quickly filled and when Imogen decided that we had enough for now I was at liberty to choose myself a new book. Having looked through my books I decided on The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.

For the rest of the day I read and day dreamed about The Woman in White. Imogen was right about Wilkie Collins books. They are great. Now I have heaps of books and don't desperately need a trip to the library.


  1. No sister of mine is going to go without reading Wilke Collins or at least trying Sherlock Holmes.

  2. I have never hear of Kensuke's Kingdom, what is it about? And who is it by? The Woman in White is another I have not heard of. The same questions belong to it as those above. :)

  3. Imogen, I'm certainly not likely to go without reading them with you to over see my education. I do like Wilkie Collins. Thank you for introducing me to his books.

    Autumn, 'Kensuke's' Kingdom' is by Michael Morpurgo and is about a boy who gets washed over board a ship and washes up on a island where he is helped by a mysterious person.

    'The Woman in White' is by Wilkie Collins and is a mystery story about a slightly mad lady called Anne Catherick. I recommend reading it for yourself as it's a really good book and rather hard to explain in a comment.

    Thank you both for commenting.