Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Bar is Too Much Soap

I wrote this short story as another creative writing exercise. I had to write about someone doing a job using active words. The first time I tried to write it I couldn't think of a single thing to write. After a good long sulky fit and a week of thinking time Mum gave me a topic. So thanks to Mum I actually finished my writing.

Algernon Dragon swung his long shiny dragon car into the supermarket car park. He spun the wheel and the dragon car slipped around the corner. Algernon squeezed his car into a parking space meant for normal cars. Most of it fitted. Only the boot and nose of the car poked out of the parking space. Algernon didn’t care.

Then Algernon padded over to the trolleys, He pulled out a trolley but shook his head. He didn’t want a trolley with a baby seat attached. Algernon shoved it back. He grabbed another trolley. This trolley looked right. Algernon grasped the handle and pushed it through the automatic doors.

He opened his shopping list and hunted for the first item. Peanut butter was first. But there were three kinds of peanut butter. Did Algernon want smooth, crunchy or super crunchy peanut butter? Algernon liked some crunchy peanut butter when he had toast. But he also liked smooth peanut butter in sandwiches and super crunchy peanut butter was also delicious. He thought a little more. Algernon didn’t want to leave one out. Algernon grabbed all three. They went thump into the trolley.

Next Algernon hunted for the cocoa pops. He liked them for breakfast with some milk. Algernon gaped at the cereal section. There were hundreds of breakfast cereals. There were wheat biscuits and muesli, cornflakes and rice bubbles. Finally Algernon spotted the cocoa pops. But next to them were cocoa flakes and cocoa balls. He rubbed his aching eyes. Shopping was harder then he had thought. He grabbed the normal cocoa pops. There was too much choice.

Tinned peaches were next on his shopping list. He looked through the piles of cans. There were kidney beans, apricots, pie fillings and tomatoes but Algernon couldn’t see the peaches. He padded a little further. They weren’t there. That section was stuffed with cosmetics. He thumped his tail in frustration. Algernon stomped back. He peered under the tomatoes and looked behind the pie fillings. Algernon sighed. He would have to go without the peaches. Algernon searched through the trays one last time. He lifted the tray of apricots. There the peaches lay exposed. He grasped a tin and tossed it in the trolley.

He looked at his list again. Algernon headed off to find the cleaners. He needed some washing up liquid. He chucked a bottle in. He thought about it. Did he usually get this brand? Or was it that one? Algernon put the washing up liquid back. He reached for the other one. But then he paused. He did get that one, didn’t he? Or was it the other one. Algernon groaned. He took both of them.

Algernon hunted for soap next. He found soap in six packs, single bars and huge boxes. He thought quickly. If he got a lot of soap he might have to wash behind his ears more than once a month. Algernon threw a single bar of soap in to join the rest of his shopping.

His cat ate so much kibble that Algernon needed to get a huge bag of cat food. He heaved a massive bag of fishy smelling cat food into the trolley then changed his mind. He put it on the floor and took out the cocoa pops. Algernon heaved the kibble back into the trolley and placed the cocoa pops carefully on top.

Algernon gazed with love at the fruit and nut. He’d run out of fruit and nut three days ago and hadn’t been able to eat it with his yoghurt. He grabbed two bags. Algernon turned to leave but paused. Would two bags last long enough? Algernon tossed in another bag.

He raced for the ice cream. Chocolate ice cream was his absolute favourite dessert. Algernon slid the freezer lid back. He reached in for the ice cream. Algernon flinched as his paws touched the icy tub. They went numb suddenly and Algernon dropped the ice cream back in the freezer. He rubbed his cold paws together to get some warmth into them. He blew gently on them. His fiery breath made them glow. Algernon grabbed the ice cream quickly and almost threw it into his trolley.

Algernon lifted the trolley up and dumped its contents on the conveyor belt. The cocoa pops fell on the floor. He bent over to pick it up and knocked the soap flying. Algernon dived to catch the soap and landed on his snout. Algernon winced. He scowled at the soap and dropped it on the conveyor belt.

With his paid-for-shopping in bags Algernon went back to his car. Three other cars were waiting for him to move it. The drivers shouted at Algernon. He just smiled and waved a scaly paw at them. Algernon opened his dragon car’s boot. He dumped the kibble in first. It landed with a thump. Algernon placed the chocolate ice cream with extreme care beside it. Algernon didn’t want to freeze his fingers again. Putting the shopping in his car was taking a long time. Algernon picked the trolley up and tipped all his shopping in the boot at once. The soap dropped on the ground. Algernon glared at it. He thumped the boot lid down.

Algernon slid behind the wheel of his dragon car and heaved a sigh of relief. He didn’t like shopping. Algernon turned the key and the powerful motor roared into life. Algernon pushed the accelerator with his back paw. He drove away in a cloud of dust leaving the soap lying in the middle of the car park.


  1. That's a funny story, Charlotte, and very well written. It seems you also have your mother's gift for writing! love Auntie Vicky:) xx

  2. What an imaginative and humerous story!
    I really enjoyed reading it.

    (Stopping by from "Stories of an Unschooling Family")