Monday, May 30, 2011

Bandits and Princes

I like fiddling around with a sketchbook and a pencil. I have sketchbooks filled with some pretty horrible drawings done two years ago and a few recent pictures that don't turn me red. Finally I have sort of mastered proportion. Anyway, Imogen decided that my pictures were good enough to post so I have. I have put up my two best pictures.
First is Princess Khaleilia. She is heir to the bandit throne. When her grandfather dies she will be the ruling queen. She leads the bandits on raids in the kingdom.
The other picture is of Prince Corin. He is Crown Prince of the kingdom that Khaleilia raids. In the picture he is dressed as a bandit though.

Corin didn't scan very well but Mum fixed him though. He was far too pale to begin with. Hopefully he is dark enough now to be seen properly. At least I've learnt to colour my pictures in darker.

Khaleilia went a lot better. She was darker to begin with but Mum and I still made her a bit darker on the computer.

What do you think of Corin and Khaleilia? They are my best pictures in the whole of my sketchbook.


  1. Great pictures! I'm so glad I finally persuaded you to post some up. They're so good!

  2. I love your pictures, Charlotte! Do the characters come from a book you've read or are they from your imagination? x

  3. I think there really good I can't draw nearly as good as you.

  4. Nice drawing Charlotte.
    I love the princess.
    Love from Sophie

  5. Your drawing is amazing! I'm no good at drawing people, I'm not too bad at animals though:)

  6. Auntie Vicky, Khaleilia and Corin come from a story I'm writing.

    Bethany, Thank you very much for saying I'm that good.

    Rose, I'm hopeless at animals and plants. I like drawing people best.

  7. Hi Charlotte.
    I really like your pictures Charlotte. You are so good at them I wont to be a artist when I am older.
    From Melanie