Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poems and Lives

Not long ago Imogen wrote a post on her blog, 'Dancing with Dragonflies', called 'Purple Potatoes and the Creed'. My post is about another chapter of Father Knox's 'The Creed in Slow Motion'. Today we read about another chapter. We settled down on the sofa, preparing for another wonderful talk. Mum opened up the laptop and the chapter title came up, 'Maker of Heaven and Earth'. "That sounds good," I thought. "Father Knox will be able to think of a lot to say on that subject. This will be great." Father Knox filled the chapter with explanations that were designed for girls our age to understand and comparisons that helped us to understand what the words 'Maker of Heaven and Earth' really mean. Then, in the middle of the chapter, Father Knox came up with the best comparison of all. He compared our lives to a poems that God writes. Just as a human poet is allowed to change what he writes, so God may rewrite our poems. When something changes in our lives our poems are being rewritten. "God must be very busy writing all those poems," Imogen laughed. Mum continued to read after we discussed this, and had made all the jokes that were necessary. The rest of the chapter was also good but I think the best bit was about the poems. When we had finished the chapter we were at liberty to talk and joke some more. "I must be a poem as long as the 'Ancient Mariner'," Imogen decided. "I'm one of those muddled up poems," I said, not to be out done. "One of the ones with double meanings everywhere?" Imogen asked. "Yes," I replied. "Heaps of double meanings. Is Mum a ballad?" "No a sonate," Imogen decided. "Yes," I agreed, "Mum's definitely a sonate." So Father Knox has given us another wonderful comparison. We're not likely to forget about this in a hurry. I think the 'The Creed in Slow Motion' has explained a lot of things to me that I never understood before. And there is still a lot of the Creed left for next term.

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  1. Think of tyhe longest, wordiest, most confusing poem ever, and that's me. Gemma-Rose has to be a haiku though, because she's so short