Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Easter Egg Hunt

We stood outside the house, cups in hand, waiting for the Easter egg hunt to begin. Everyone was there, even Duncan who is twenty two. We all participate in the Easter egg hunt. Gemma-Rose had already found four eggs even though we weren't supposed to look before everyone was ready. Mum gave the sign and everyone disappeared, trying to find the most eggs.
Tiny foil wrapped eggs lay in ingeneous hiding places. Some were easy. They were snapped up as soon as we started. But others need sharp eyes to be found. Mum has gained skill in hiding the eggs. Every year they get harder and harder. But we also get better at finding them. Still some of the eggs were really hard to find.

People patrolled the garden, ducking every so often to pick an egg up. Areas were checked and rechecked and still more eggs were found. But the amount of eggs being found was becoming less. We decided to count out how many eggs we had found.
Shining eggs spilled onto the outdoor table. Imogen counted them two by two. We needed to know how many were left in the garden.

"Eight left to find," Imogen announced as the last two eggs were put back.

We scattered back into the garden. We had to find at least some of the eggs before we finished.
"Seven," someone called.

"Six," another person shouted later.



"Three," we finally called.

No one could find another egg. We had to leave it at three. But as we flocked towards the door Mum pointed out one of the missing eggs to Gemma-Rose. Only two remained in the garden. But on Easter Monday Gemma-Rose found another of the missing eggs. But the last one is still missing.

I can't remember a year when we've found all of the eggs. One, two or even three eggs never get found. But maybe we might find them all next year. Who knows. I love Easter egg hunts!

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