Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zany Zoo Photos

For us going to the zoo is a great treat. We only go once every few years and when we do, we make the most of the trip. During the holidays we set off on an adventure. We collected cameras, lunch and coats and set off for the zoo.

Usually, I forget to bring a camera, or if I do neglect to take any photos. I'm hopeless that way. But this time I did remember to bring the camera. With my pink camera in hand and a bag of tiny teddies in the other, I set off to see if I'm any good at photography. Maybe I'm not, but here are some of my better photos.

When I think of koalas, I think of dozy animals who can't be bothered to move and will sit still for photos. But these koalas were climbing around like they'd never heard the word doze. Thankfully I managed to get some of the koalas when they were almost still. But this photos is one of my rare action shots.

This Meer Cat was cold and found the perfect place to stand: under the heat lamp. But when the bucket of food arrived he had to choose between the heat lamp and the meal.

This little deer agreed to stand still while I took the photo while juggling my tiny teddies. It was a good deer and didn't move a little bit.

These lions are sensible. It was drizzling when we got to the lions and they weren't coming out even for their fans to take photos. But cameras have this wonderful thing called zoom so I got a picture despite their reluctance to come out.

By the time we got to the bongo, we were getting a little tired and I'd already gotten myself lost while we were watching elephant playtime. So I was grateful when the bongo stood still and kept eating. I don't think the greedy thing even realized we were there.

I never meant to take this photo. I meant to take a nice stationary shot of a turtle. Turns out the turtle had other ideas and wanted to look like a monster. Still, it made a nice shot even if most of the zoo is reflected in the glass.

Now I have my photos to remind me of our wonderful trip to the zoo. I admit that some of them are rather strange like the one where a Meer cat actually wandered out of the shot by the time I took the photo or the fuzzy alligator. But some of them are good and I'm glad to have them to look at.


  1. Wow! That shot of the turtle is really interesting. Lovely photos, Charlotte:-)

    1. Thank you for commenting Auntie Vicky.

      I rather like the turtle myself. He looks a bit like a sea serpent. I was rather surprised when the turtle moved just as I took the picture. But the result was remarkably good.

  2. I'm creating a blogroll of blogs that blog (at least occasionally) about homeschooling high school. ( I came across yours today and added it. I love finding blogs by folks in all stages of homeschooling! :) I hope you’ll drop by and hang out with us at soon. Thanks in advance! Blessings...


    1. Thank you for adding me to your list. I went and had a look at the blogroll and I think it's a great idea.

  3. you should post another post! I'm a homeschooler too...and seeing other people post is encouragement that I'm not the only one with a blog!