Monday, January 30, 2012

My Marvellous Mermaids

Drawing is one of my favourite hobbies. When I don't have any other necessary things to do like eat chocolate and sew socks into toys I like to pick up my drawing pencil (or any other pencil that happens to be at hand) and scribble away in my sketchbook. In fact sometimes it's more like the pencil hops into my hand. I don't always decide to draw. I just sort of end up doing it.

My newest theme (I like themes) is mermaids. I wanted something new, something fresh and I hadn't tried mermaids for sometime due to a lack of variety in clothing. But Then... something pretty with fins and a tail and quite a nice cardigan appeared on my page.

Me being Charlotte I did something no one else in my family would do. I coloured every single scale seperately... and enjoyed it. But one mermaid wasn't enough so I draw another one.

Still being crazy me I did the same to this one. But instead of rainbow scales I made her scales blue. I don't like mermaids that just stick to one colour so I went totally wild on this one. No blue mermaid for me. This one has enough colour to blind you.

But just mermaids floating around the page wasn't enough for me. I want my mermaid to be doing something. So I drew one leaping into the sunset. After stealing pencils from everyone I set about the sunset sky. Admitedly I'm not sure whether it looks like a proper sunset but I like it. Ideas for clothing just kept pouring into my head. A floaty shirt? Why not?

My last mermaid is quite different from the rest. I did a full background for her and got my hands rather covered in pencil while attempting the night time scene. I have a love of sparkles so in a picture covered with stars and glowing mermaids I just had to add a couple or twenty. For some reason this one ended up being mysterious. I suppose the glow and the flowing white dress has something to do with it.

So these are my latest pictures.


  1. Those are lovely! You have a beautiful talent!

  2. Thank you Magdalen. I enjoyed drawing the mermaids. My favourite is the moonlight mermaid. She, I think, is the best of the four. I'd never tried drawing a nightime scene before so I was pleased when she turned out so well. Thank you very much for commenting.