Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Beach Holiday Diary

Last week my family and I went on holiday to the beach. I thought I would share some extracts from the diary I wrote on holiday.

Sunday 2nd of October

Piles and piles of boxes, bags and backpacks lay in a sea on the dining room floor…It was horribly cold and seemed unlucky weather for a beach holiday.

Dad and Callum loaded the van…We all piled into the van and set off for Swanhaven. I read ‘No Name’ by Wilkie Collins on my e-reader. We went down the Jamberoo Pass. I enjoyed going down but Imogen hates going down the passes. After making a short stop for supplies we finally arrived at Swan Lake Cottage…

Our cottage is wonderful. Dad and Mum have a really tall queen-sized bed. Gebbles and Sophie also have a queen-sized bed. Imogen and I have the bunk beds.

In the afternoon Mum suggested we went for a walk down to the lake. It rained a bit but we walked down the cycle track. It petered out after a while but when it did, we could actually hear the sea…

I'd also like to thank my three new followers. It was a lovely surprise to come back and find you'd followed.

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  1. Did you enjoy your holiday?
    From what I see you had enjoyed it so far ;)